Community Involvement is our Passion

We aim to be as involved with our Woodstock community as possible and we believe a rising tide raises all ships. Being centrally located, we are in tune with changes to our city and aim to be a part of Woodstock’s growth and change. We will sum up some of the ways we stay involved and hope to encourage others to join in or let us know of other opportunities.

Summer Concert Series:

This is our most prominent involvement in the community. We have been sponsoring the Woodstock Summer Concert Series for over a decade, and we have been able to watch it grow to the huge hit it has become. We love the positive influence and publicity this has for our city and local businesses.

Dr. Kligman:

Dr Kligman has been hyper-involved in Woodstock since opening the practice in 1984. Dr. Kligman has been a member of the Woodstock Rotary for over 20 years, and one of his most beloved events is the Christmas Party every year where the Rotary sponsors a number of families to help procure gifts for their children. While you won’t find Dr. Kligman dressed as Santa (maybe one day), he is always central in helping to plan this event.

Dr. Kligman also sits on the Downtown Development Authority of Woodstock. This organization has been crucial in the planning and execution of bringing new businesses, parks, and trails to the area.

Dr. Sluder:

Dr. Sluder has become very involved with the InWDSTK organization. This organization helps to bring together the community and local businesses in the Woodstock area. They also are very involved with local non-profits such as Goshen Valley Boys Ranch, Next Step Ministries, and many others. Dr. Sluder sits on the board of this organization, representing the Young Professionals of Woodstock.